I’ve collected a lot of different interests over the years, ranging from photography to computer repair and more. My professional background is in network administration, and I worked for 31 years at a variety of different large technology corporations in Sydney before retiring from my line of work 2 years ago. This blog is essentially a collection of my experiences working with different hobbies, as well as a personal catalogue of my fight against cancer. I’ve been in remission for 5 years, and I’m still going strong. If you’re interested in following my blog, please consider utilizing my on-board RSS feed, which will allow you to get instant updates without having to come back and check my blog manually in your browser—if you ask me, this is a lot more convenient.

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For those of you who are really passionate about photography, computers, or personal reviews of local businesses that I write myself after working with a variety of local providers, please come back frequently! While my content might not be the most exciting stuff in the world, I think it can give you a new perspective on life in Sydney from the mind of an old computer engineer with nothing better to do. I may also give some career advice for young people looking to get a start in networking, network security, server engineering, computer science, and anything else that is within my realm of experience.

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