How a Laptop Repair Company Helped a Cancer Survivor Configure His PC

The effects of chemo therapy can impact your daily life in ways you might have never expected. Something as simple as using a computer can become a real problem for cancer survivors. Even if you were an experienced sysadmin before you had cancer, your treatment and recovery can make it difficult to use a computer. Your entire body could seize up, or you could get nasty aches and pains in your hands that make it hard to use a keyboard. Luckily, there are many programs and configurations that can make it a lot easier for someone suffering during cancer recovery to use a computer, but finding them can be a bit difficult.

When Marcus was experiencing the ups and downs of cancer, he was looking for a way to still get online and manage his clients without having to spend hours at a desk, “It was a real pain to sit in my computer chair for hours on end. Even navigating around my computer was difficult when my arms started hurting.” Marcus and millions of other cancer survivors have to make huge changes with the way that they interact with technology once they’ve gone through the motions of recovering from a serious illness.

Anthony from ADIT Computer Services, a laptop repair company, was able to step in and help Marcus with the perfect configuration, “We set up his computer in a way that made it much easier for him to use it anywhere, even without typing or moving his mouse,” Anthony explained, “I helped him configure the options on the desktop so that the text was larger, and I set him up with a copy of Dragon so that he was able to control his computer using voice commands through a Logitech USB microphone, and he stopped having to suffer while managing his clients. Configuring Dragon Naturallyspeaking to work with all of your programs can take some time, but I’ve helped a lot of businesses and individuals get it working perfectly for their applications.”

It’s important to remember that your configuration should be personalized to exactly what you need to do with your computer, especially when you’re dealing with the symptoms of cancer treatment. A power user understands his machine and configures it in a way that will help him get tasks done as quickly as possible and remain on-target in terms of productivity.

“I was very impressed with how different my experience was, before and after, when using my laptop. Anthony had great suggestions not only for applications but for plugins for my existing programs like Microsoft Word that made it even easier for me to use voice commands.”